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Creative Ashram Presents:
Urban Ashram #2 - Music Edition

Sunday 3rd November · 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Sunflower Public House, 66 Union Street

Creative Ashram is the work of three creative friends who understand that life is busy and things get in the way of creativity. Through their retreats and urban series events they are committed to providing positive and nourishing environments for individuals and groups to focus on their projects, wherever they are in their creative process. During Sound of Belfast they will host two special gatherings with an open invite to all. For further information about them and their upcoming events visit

Focus · Meditation for Music Melters · 2:00pm - 3.15pm
Meditation to get sh*t done. Learn simple techniques to focus the mind, harness creative energy and be nice to yourself in the process!

Build · Developing routine and resilience · 3.30pm - 5:00pm
Working in the music industry demands many things of independent artists including determination, commitment, perseverance and often a thick skin. In this workshop we offer practices to support a steadfast focused mind, cultivate resiliency and consider some daily routine hacks to minimise stress and optimise productivity.

£5 per workshop / £8 for both workshops